bridesmaid dresses under 20 dollars

You’re getting married!! How exciting is that?! You’re probably super excited to be planning your big day, and a fun part of that is getting to have some of your best friends prepare with you and stand by your side as you say your vows. There is so much pressure in our culture to spend tons of money on your wedding celebration, and while going all out can be exciting, it’s rarely practical or possible for most of us.

If you are planning to pay for your bridesmaids dresses, than it is going to be a heap of an expense, unless you can find some less expensive options. If your bridesmaids are paying for their own dresses, it can feel super uncomfortable to ask somebody to pay $200 just because you want them to look a certain way on a certain day 😉 Besides this, the likelihood of your girls wearing their bridesmaid dress for another occasion is slim. So let’s take a look into some cheaper options. Is it really possible to find bridesmaid dresses under 20 dollars??

Is it possible to find cheap, but still good quality dresses?

Absolutely it is! You just have to be looking in the right places for your bridesmaid dresses, not at your nearest bridal boutique.

I know it can be scary to order online, as you don’t know for sure exactly what you’re getting. But if you find something you love that looks fairly legitimate, order just one, and order it super early so that you have time to find out if it’s what you actually want or not. If not, send it back! It is probably a good idea to make sure before ordering that you can return the dress if it’s not what you wanted. Read reviews to find out what other people’s experiences have been with the company or brand you’re thinking of ordering from.

Where should I be looking?

Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop, because there is so much variety at your fingertips in such a short amount of time, that it’s pretty easy to find what you’re looking for in a timely manner.

If you do a search for bridesmaid dresses on Amazon, there will be a lot of results, but most of them are going to range anywhere from 70 to 100+ dollars, and that adds up super fast for each of your bridesmaids. Even if they’re paying for their own dresses, don’t under estimate how much your bridesmaids are already spending on you as they help you get ready for the big day. It’s nice to appreciate your girls by finding some less expensive dress options.

If you do a search for prom dresses, you’re going to get pretty much the same results as you did for bridesmaid dresses. Everything is still quite expensive.

BUT!! There is another search you can do. Search for “maxi dresses,” and oh boy, the options just got way less expensive, but with the same amount of variety!

There are literally tens of thousands of results for this search, and maxi dresses are such an elegant, classy, modern style, there’s no reason to turn your nose at using them for your bridal party, just because some of your guests are probably going to show up in maxi dresses as well. If all of your bridesmaids are matching or coordinating, they’re going to automatically look unique from the other quests, so don’t worry about that. Only the snobs are going to care that your dresses are a style that can be worn over and over again to dozens of other events (that’s actually a huge PLUS for most people).

CLICK HERE to start browsing some of the beautiful, inexpensive dresses you could chose for your bridesmaids!

What is a maxi dress?

What is a maxi dress?! Oh, only the biggest hero of all times in the comfort and fashion world 😉 Seriously, these dresses are gems. Not only are they beautiful and very flattering on most people, but they typically are the most comfortable style of dress as well. Basically if a dress is ankle-length it counts as a maxi dress, although the more common styles are made from a wonderfully soft, stretchy material.

One of the reasons I think maxi dresses are a great option for your bridesmaids dresses is the fact they’re ankle length. A long dress just instantly has a classier look, which in this case is helpful in making up for any perception that the dress isn’t as high-quality or expensive as one you may purchase from David’s Bridal.

There are so many options on Amazon for classic or more exotic styles of maxi dresses, I’m sure you could find something perfect for you and your girls if you’re willing to search for a bit. If you want a solid color, there are definitely a lot of options, as most of the dresses sold on Amazon come in many colors, which you can view by toggling back and forth through the multiple pictures for a dress.

Another option is to fully embrace the uniqueness of your dresses, and go for a pattern! I’ve seen this done, where a bride chose matching floral maxi dresses for all of her bridesmaids and it was GORGEOUS!! Seriously, so beautiful. The pictures came out amazing as well! So that’s definitely an option if you’re brave enough to go for it 🙂

Does this work for any season?

Maxi dresses can literally be worn ANY time of the year, so yes, yes, yes!! If you’re having a winter wedding check out some long sleeve maxi dresses, they are super beautiful! Add some adorable boots to the outfits if you’d like! That would be bomb. 🙂

Creativity is Key

When you can’t spend all the money in the world, being unique is your best option for a beautiful wedding day that everyone is going to love and remember! Be creative, and think of ways that you can dress up a simple maxi dress to fit your personal style, whether it’s by adding something to the bridesmaids outfits or asking them all to wear matching shoes or jewelry or shawls or something like that. Make it fit your style, and at the same time, yours and everybody else’s budgets!!

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