Who doesn’t want to save a little money, while still being able to buy the exact dress you’ve wanted, just at a lower price?! I think we can all agree that it’s never our goal to search out the most expensive version of the dress we’re looking to buy. We want to SAVE!! But it can be hard to find the perfect dress at the perfect price. This article is hopefully going to help you navigate your search for cheap maxi dresses that aren’t super poor quality.

cheap maxi dresses

How much does a maxi dress cost?

Ladies maxi dresses can range in price from $20 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the place you buy it, when you buy it, the brand, quality and style of the dress. There are possibly less expensive and probably more expensive maxi dresses as well, but in a quick search this is probably the range you’ll come up with.

Where to find inexpensive, beautiful maxi dresses.

There are a lot of places you can look to find nice, inexpensive maxi dresses if you’re willing to hunt for them! I’ve researched for you some of the best ways to find a good maxi dress at a great price.

If you’re into thrifting, your possibilities are a lot wider in range then if you only buy new clothes! (If you’re not into thrifting, feel free to skip down a paragraph or so). My favorite place to thrift

my maxi dress from Thred Up

My Maxi Dress from Thred Up

online is ThredUp. They have a huge, constantly changing selection of clothing, in season and out of season. Swap.com is another great place to buy second hand, quality, brand name clothing at a way more affordable price then if you were to buy it brand new.

Both Thred Up and Swap.com allow you to search for clothing based on size, brand, style and more. While they aren’t always going to have just what you’re looking for, it is quick and easy to find what they do and don’t have because of the easy navigation.

Definitely check these sites out first! They likely to have the best deals you’ll find. (p.s. as a bonus, these sites frequently have promo codes you can use when you first sign up to a get a percentage off of your first order!)

Now, if you’re opposed to buying second hand clothing, don’t worry, you have options as well!

In your search engine, type the name of your favorite place to shop, but add the keyword clearance, and see what comes up. Your favorite store may not have a great clearance department, or maybe they just don’t sell clearance items online. In that case, you may want to visit the store in person and do a thorough exploration of their clearance racks (Khols almost always has an excellent variety of items on clearance, at really good prices!).

Make a list of all the clothing stores you can think of that you love, and do a speedy google search on each of them, with the keyword “clearance” to see what comes up.

Do this instead of just searching for “cheap maxi dresses”, which is bound to get you a long list of Asian sites trying to sell you their cheapo price (but even more cheapo quality) and 4-sizes-too-small clothing. You don’t want that.

So search instead for clearance or sale items, which you already know are legitimate. You can also check out Amazon, as they have deals of the day and various coupons. If you keep an eye on these things daily, you’re bound to eventually stumble on just the deal you we’re looking for!

Does cheap mean poor quality?

Not always, but frequently, yes. If it’s quick, easy and cheap…it’s probably cause that’s all the effort that was put into producing it for you in the first place. The more work goes into something, the likelier that it is of a high quality. cheap clothing

So stick with companies you know and trust, or brand-name items; and please avoid Wish. If all you want is a one-time costume for an event and you have a couple months to wait for delivery, then Wish could be just what you want. But in most cases, where you actually want to enjoy and wear the dress you spend money on more then once, stick with a trusted brand or company.

Should I spend extra to make sure the quality of my dress is good?

I would say not to spend extra unless you have a good reason to believe that this means better quality. In a lot of instances it will mean this, and in that case it can certainly be worth it to spend the extra and know that your dress is going to hold up well for multiple occasions. But if you don’t know or trust the company or store that well, I would advise against spending the extra money just as a precaution. It’s not always worth it.


If you are motivated and determined to find a maxi dress at the best possible price, and with the best possible quality, let me encourage you that it is more then possible! Such dresses are absolutely out there to be found. But they are kinda like hidden treasures most of the time. If you’re not willing to take the time to search for them, you will probably have to settle for either poor quality or a higher price. And if you’re okay with either of those things, then go for it.

For some people the search is just not worth the stress and headache and I entirely get that. But if you are up for a treasure hunt, then it can be really fun! So don’t be afraid to open up a hundred or so tabs (however many you need) and compare like crazy until you find your gem! There are a lot of beautiful, cheap maxi dresses out there, and I’m sure there’s got to be at least one with your name on it 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to chat with you. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email!



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