The maxi dress has become one of our cultures most popular semi-casual looks for women over the past few years. This is for a lot of good reasons! Ladies maxi dresses offer an all-in-one classy, comfortable, trendy and unique style that can add so much to any women’s wardrobe if you simply know when, where and how to wear it.

Maxi Dresses are for Every Occasion, Season and Style

One of the top things to love about ladies maxi dresses is their versatility. They easily may accommodate a zillion or so various looks, while still remaining comfortable, classy and modern. From ultra formal to super casual, the variety within this one style can be surprising. No matter what the next event on your calendar may be, there’s sure to be a maxi dress style that will thrill you, and draw in compliments from every direction. Whether you’re making plans to attend a friend’s posh wedding in the city, or headed over to your neighbors house for a barbecue in the back yard, the maxi dress can be your regular go-to!

Sometimes maxi dresses are associated only with summer looks and styles. While this is probably the most popular time for ladies maxi dresses to come out of the closet, they are just too good a thing to settle for wearing during only one season (especially since here where I live in New England we only have about 3 months of summer). There are maxi dresses perfect for autumn, winter and spring styles as well as summer, and sometimes even the ones that are intended for warmer weather can be styled for cooler weather by adding accessories such as a cute denim jacket, a scarf, your favorite cardigan or boots (and fleece-lined leggings!!!)

Use your imagination! Suffice it to say, summer is definitely NOT the only time you can wear a maxi. And, IMO, it ought not to be!! 🙂

Where to Buy Ladies Maxi Dresses??

There are so many places you can buy beautiful and cute ladies maxi dresses.

In my exploring, I found that Macys takes the cake for having the best all-around variety. SO MANY stunning designs and styles with an excellent mixture of classic and unique. If you know exactly the type of maxi dress you’re after, I would say the chances are high that Macys is selling your dress 🙂 If you just need some inspiration, Macys has all the best looks, so I would still highly recommend checking them out. Also, as a side note, they have a bunch of adorable maternity-style ladies maxi dresses as well, which is a huge bonus!!

Khols has a few nice maternity maxi dresses as well. Khols also has a lot of well-priced ladies and beautiful maxi dresses, for both casual and formal events. LOFT has some really cute, classic summery looks if you’re not feeling super exotic, but still want something trendy. J.C. Penney has some nice long-sleeve styles that I found, which are perfect for the cool to cold months.

Lastly, but probably most importantly, Amazon is one of the easiest ways to get access to dozens (even hundreds) of various styles all on the same platform, and frequently has the best prices, the best variety and best availability. They have some stunning long-sleeve ladies maxi dresses, and are probably my favorite place to look for cold weather styles. I am in love with some of the GORGEOUS floral maxi’s they have for sale for only $20-$30! floral maxi dress

Now where are my thrifters at? 🙂 Have I got news for you! Usually if I am shopping online, it’s because I want to buy something new; however, Thred Up is an online second hand clothing store that offers a huge selection of styles all year long. I just recently bought myself a maxi dress from them, and I love it! They only re-sell items that are still in good condition, and you can always check the description of the item you are viewing to confirm it’s specific condition. There are so many great brands to shop from, including Forever 21, LOFT, Gap, Merona, Old Navy and J.Crew and even a large selection of dresses from designer brands such as Kate Spade New York, Theory, Nicole Miller, Alice +olivia, and Parker.

One of the huge bonuses of shopping on Thred Up is that you are going to get a HUGE discount from what these same dresses (some in like-new condition or even with tags still!!) would cost you in-store. Another thing I love about Thred Up is that there are multiple ways to earn extra “credit” towards your shopping bill. Just by signing up you get a 20% discount off of your first order. You can also send your own unused clothing in to potentially earn a few extra dollars towards your purchases.

All that to say, if you’re into thrift shopping, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking out Thred UP to see if perhaps your dream dress is there! They don’t have a regular supply obviously of the same things, but I imagine you’d always be able to find ladies maxi dresses for sale through their site, and at the end of summer would probably be an ideal time to look, as a lot of people will be getting rid of items they only consider “summer wear”…but you know better 😉

Finding Your Own Unqiue Maxi Dress Style

Don’t know how to wear or style a maxi dress? Don’t know what does or does not flatter you? No worries my friend, Pinterest has your back! Spend 15-20 minutes browsing all the different possible looks for maxi dress styles, colors and accessories, and you will surely come away with a brain-overload of exciting ideas to try out for yourself! If you don’t…do a little Google research to find out what others suggest for someone with your same taste, style or body-shape (whichever is getting you all hung up and unsure of yourself).

Find Your Maxi Confidence!

Whatever direction you chose to go with your maxi dress look, be sure it’s something you love. There are so many possibilities and variations of ladies maxi dresses out there, that you have no reason to settle for something you feel uncomfortable, insecure or awkward in. If you’re not happy with the look you’ve found, change it up until you find your ideal style. Because I’m certain if you look long and hard enough, you’ll find something that thrills you 🙂 Don’t leave it undiscovered!

Keep the Fun Going

I think it can be so much fun to see creativity at work in the way women of all different styles and personalities chose to dress up or dress down. It’s fun to share ideas and inspire each other! I’d love to hear in the comments below what you guys do to spice up your maxi dress looks, and who likes to wear them year-round, and how do you make them suitable for the colder weather while still looking fabulous? If you’re thinking that you can’t pull off the maxi dress look, feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts below as well. I’d love to try to help you get connected with a maxi look just for you that you LOVE!!


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