long summer dresses for women

When summer comes, I get excited to unpack all of my clothes that have been hidden away through the winter, and start wearing all my warm weather outifts! I also love to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe at the start of the seaon (and maybe all the way through the season as well…). One of my favorite summer styles is the maxi dress! You might not think of shopping for ankle-length dresses right off at the beginning of summer, but once you see somebody wearing one, it will instantly be the very next item you want to have!! At least…if you’re something a little like myself 😉 Long summer dresses for women are very in-style right now, and there’s so much to love about them!

The maxi dress – my hero

There are bunches of different styles when it comes to long summer dresses for women. These dresses are all typically classified as maxi dresses, and they exist in a vast range of styles, colors, materials, quality, price, etc. My favorites are usually jersey knit fabrics, as this material is really comfortable and allows for easy air-flow, which will help with staying cool! These long dresses are socially acceptable and classy for almost any ocassion, from weddings to barbeques, church or a trip to the beach, you can wear a maxi dress and not have to feel either over or under dressed. If you’ve picked the irght dress, than all-the-while you’re enjoying your classy, worth of any ocassion maxi dress, you still get to be ultra comfortable, and you have every reason to feel confident that your dress is both beautiful and flattering. There are just too many “pros” without enough “cons” of the maxi dress, what’s not to love?!

Where to buy a maxi dress?

At the beginning of summer, and into the earlier half of the season especially, you’ll most likely find the racks loaded at any women’s retail store in your area with long summer dresses of all kinds. Later on in the season you might be able to hit up the clearance racks and stock up for next summer (or even for the winter!! Check out my post about how to wear a maxi dress all winter long! – https://maxidressjamboree.com/ladies-maxi-dresses-unlock-the-potential-of-these-incredibly-versatile-dresses/ ) The problem, obviously, with waiting around for dresses to go on clearance is two-fold: you’re basically getting the dresses nobody else wanted (which admittedly doesn’t always mean they’re ugly or poor quality), and you also have to wait for the season to end that you were planning to wear your dress DURING! 

Anyway, enough of that. I have some suggestions of awesome places to look for some long summer styles that you just might love. Amazon has the best, most accesible variety of maxi dresses. It’s easy to be specific and find whatever style you’re looking for. Amazon is definitely a number one stop. 

If you’re not a snob, Walmart almost always has some really pretty long summer dresses out at the beginning of the seaon, and the prices aren’t too bad. I would estimate about $20 for a maxi dress, a little more or less depending on the exact dress. 

If you ARE a snob than I’d say probably do your searching at J.C. Penney or Macys, or somewhere else that will hurt your wallet a bit more, but cater to your taste better probably. 

For those of you who love to THRIFT, (show of hands please)…you are my people. My soul-shoppers 😉 My all-time favorite place to shop is Goodwill Buy the Pound. No, no, not just your average Goodwill. This is a step beyond that in the thrifting world, and I am sorry for those of you who do not have access to this treasure! Basically it is the next place where clothes go that don’t sell at a regular Goodwill store. 

Now here me out, because I know this sounds bad and like these are all the lowliest of lowly articles of clothing. haha. And yes, it sort of has that feel even when you walk into the sectioned-off square of a massive ware house, and find yourself faced with row upon row of heaped and piled up clothing, toys, kitchen wares, home decor, wrapping paper, shoes, furniture, and SO MUCH MORE in big blue bins!! 

BUT WAIT! Let me just tell you abou the L.L.Bean sandals I got that were practically brand new. Or I could mention my multiple Under Armour Hoodies, or my Eddie Bauer water bottle, or my North Face backpack, or my….so crazy!! Hardly anything over $1, because you literally pay by the pound. The current price for all clothing and shoes is $1.36 per pound. I walk out of there almost every time with an insane amount of brand name, awesome clothing for less than one dollar per item. And oh yeah, we were talking about dresses, weren’t we? I’ve found a number of dresses there as well, both long maxi-length styles and shorter styles as well. 

Wow, sorry for the thrifty-rant….but if you read all of the way through, it’s probably because you’re just as excited as I am about it, and you thoroughly enjoyed everything I just said anyway! lol. And now you wanna find a Goodwill Buy the Pound of your own, don’t you? 😉 Do a google search to see if there’s one in your area. Or even somebody else’s area. It’s worth a drive if you have to make it!!

When to where a maxi dress?

Always. Wear them all summer long, to any and every event. There are so many different looks, I’m telling you. Find a few that you LOVE, each a slightly different style, and dress them up however you’d like for your different events. Maxi dresses are an excellent palet for accessories, or great to be worn just as is! There are lots of ways to style them for cold weather as well!

Show me some personal style!

If you’re at all worried that it just isn’t part of your personal style to wear a dress, throw that out the window. I can’t even describe all the potential of the maxi dress and it’s versatility and adaptability to anyone’s particular taste. Check out Pinterest if you need some inspiration, lots of people have gone before you, so be sure to take advantage of this fact! 

I hope you’ll leave me your feedback in the comments. I’d love to here if you have any insights or questions 🙂 


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