It’s Summer, and we all like to add new styles to our wardrobe at the beginning of a new season! Dressy-casual styles are all the rage these days, and long summer dresses are the ideal fulfillment of this look for your wardrobe. They make a great impression for almost any event! 

long summer dresses - styles

Long summer dress styles

Just take a quick peek at Pinterest and you’re quickly going to find that long summer dresses are very in right now, and that the style selection is pretty much endless.

From Bohemian and Vintage to Classic and Casual, you’ll find an incredible range of taste and personal preferences that all find a unique way of styling these long dresses (maxi dresses).

If you’re into the light, flowy fabrics and whimsical look, than you’ll probably love all things Bohemian 🙂 Just search for “Bohemian maxi dresses” on Pinterest and the inspiration will come flowing to you! long summer dresses - style

If you’re not so dramatic, and you’re looking for something a little more classic….than search for that! “Classic maxi dresses” is gonna pull up a lot of beautiful, trendy maxi dresses for ya 🙂

I did a quick search for “vintage maxi dresses” on Pinterest as well, and there are some neat ideas you may want t check out if that’s your thing.

Whatever style you love, attach that description to a search for maxi dresses (i.e.. “…. maxi dresses”) and see what comes up! I betcha there’s something you’ll love just waiting to be discovered!

All the pros and …cons??

Wearing a new dress that you love is always so much fun, isn’t it? You feel beautiful and confident, and who doesn’t love feeling that way?! How ’bout like, all the time, right??

One of the amazing things about maxi dress styles is their versatility and the fact that you can wear them to almost any occasion without having to feel over or under-dressed! They easily rock a casual or a formal style. Whether it’s a barbecue or a wedding, they’ve got you covered!

So here we go…


  • versatility
  • comfort
  • trending yet classic
  • flattering
  • modest
  • you can find them for good prices

and the Cons…say what?? Cons?! What are those?…*shrugs* Okay, moving on now.

Not just a summer dress

Now I know that I’ve been pumping up the idea that maxi dresses are pretty much a ‘must have’ for your summer wardrobe, but do not let me go without telling you that maxi dresses seriously can be worn all year long, and there are so many gorgeous fall and winter styles that you can find. fall maxi dresses - styles

Also, the maxi dresses you wear during the summer can be worn during cooler weather just by adding a cute denim jacket or cardigan, a scarf, leggings and boots, or all sorts of other things you might imagine revamping your summer dress with and turning it into something cold-weather worthy. Again, Pinterest is exploding with ideas for fall and winter maxi dress styles.

Where to buy them at the best price?

I talked in a previous post about all the best places I found to buy maxi dresses at a good price while not skimping on quality. Here is a link to that post: Cheap Maxi Dresses – the lowest prices, the best deals

In short,

Amazon for the win.

Thred Up if you’re thrifty.

Clearance sections if you’re in for a hunt!

Stock up on long ‘summer’ dresses for every season!

So yeah, I’m definitely an all year long maxi dresses advocate. If you have a summer dress that could possibly be transformed into a fall or winter dress during the cold seasons, than go for it! If the pattern of your dress is maybe a bit too summery, than maybe you would be better off shopping for a new dress. There are lots of fall and winter ones to chose from, or maybe you’ll want to buy a summer dress that you can easily adapt to be a winter dress, and than when summer comes you can wear it than too!!

I’d love to hear some feedback from you 🙂 What’s your favorite maxi dress style? Do you turn your summer dresses into winter and fall dresses, or am I crazy? If you need some more help or inspiration, feel free to drop a comment below!



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