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Thred up is an online used clothing boutique with 100s of thousands of women’s and children’s items for sale at incredibly reduced prices. The ThredUp app has over 1,000,000 downloads, and is an excellent place to purchase new looks for your wardrobe or to search through if you’re deal-hunting.

ThredUp sells an ever-changing variety of clothing including dresses, shoes, tops, jeans, purses, children’s clothing, scarves, active wear, swimwear, as well as designer clothing. Not everything is dirt-cheap, but that’s because it’s worth a lot more than dirt!! 😉 On the other hand, there are some pretty hot deals changing every day that are almost dirt-cheap, and you can snatch them up if you catch them first.

In response to a demand for thredup reviews, I wanted to share my own personal, highly positive experience with Thred Up and their app!

Is it legit?

Yes, completely legitimate! I’ve ordered from them multiple times, and I’ve sold my clothing to them as well! I would go beyond just saying that ThredUp is legit, as they actually function quite professionally from my experience. The clothing arrives in cute, careful packaging, and you can always return your items if you aren’t happy with them.

What is the quality of the clothing?

The quality of the clothing you buy varies from item to item. If you buy from them a brand name item, then the quality will be that of the brand name you purchased. Thred Up is simply reselling clothing from other companies, so if it’s an Adidas item, it will be Adidas quality, if it’s a coach purse, it’s going to be Coach quality.

Obviously if you’re buying things second-hand they aren’t always going to be in perfect condition; but Thred Up makes it easy for you to know what condition the items are in before you purchase them. Worst case scenario, if you buy something and when it arrives you’re disappointed, just ship it back! I believe you do have to pay for the return shipping unless you commit to spending the money you would have gotten back on other items from ThredUp.

Can you really make money with ThredUp?

Yes you can! Thred Up has what they call a “Clean Out Kit” that you order for free. They will send you an envelope with a folded up “clean-out” bag to put all of your unwanted clothing in. You simply fill the bag with defect-free, on-trend, brand name items (with tags still) that you’re done with, seal the bag and drop it at your post office with it’s prepaid shipping label.

The process is completely free, helps you get rid of your unwanted clothing, and grants you a good chance at making a little money 🙂 It’s definitely only a small pay-out, but if you’re getting rid of the clothes anyway, than what’s the loss? I believe you can cash-out your earnings at $10, or you can use your earnings towards Thred Up purchases! 

Download the App

I highly recommend downloading the ThredUP app, which you can do right here. You have access to more discounts and promo codes through the app than you do just shopping on the web. Also, ThredUp has a super awesome deal, where if you sign up for ThredUp by using my referral link, than you and I both get $10 to spend on ThredUp!! How cool is that?! Plus, once you’re signed up, you can send a referral link to YOUR friends and start earning that way as well. Now that’s what I call fun 😉 Here is my referral link, if you’re interested: reviews


Pros and Cons

In finishing, I’ll try to summarize what I perceive as the pros and cons of shopping with Thred Up


  • brand name clothing at 75% or more off
  • easy-to-navigate shopping app
  • free shipping over a certain price
  • clear description of clothing and it’s condition pre-purchase
  • the opportunity to earn credit towards purchases by selling your own clothing
  • items may be returned
  • all clothing ships from a Thred UP facility, not independent selllers
  • super cute packaging, making it extra fun to get in the mail!
  • Give $10 Get $10 referral code deal!!
  • clearance and sales


  • return shipping is not completely free
  • clothing is second-hand, and therefore has the potential to be sightly less than perfect
  • pay-out for clothing is pretty small

Other than that, I don’t feel that there’s much more to say. All in all, the pros well out-weigh the cons. I think using Thred Up is a really fun and smart way to shop, and the app makes it even easier and more cost-efficient!

If you have any more questions about using Thred Up, or if you’d like to leave your own review of the app or the company, please share your thoughts and perhaps your own personal experiences below. I’d love to hear them!

~ Holly

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