what to wear with a maxi dress

Maxi dresses are one of the most beautiful and versatile wardrobe pieces any women can have. They are classy, in-style and comfortable too! Deciding what to wear with a maxi dress can be somewhat of a challenge if you’ve never owned a maxi dress before, so I’m going to try to give you some fresh ideas that you’ll hopefully love!!

Projecting the right style

I think maxi dresses give an excellent, dignified, classy and trendy impression. They can be worn for almost any event, be it a formal affair or just a casual backyard get together. You just have to be aware of how you’re styling your maxi dress to make it suitable for the occasion! There are dozens of ways to tweak the look of your dress to fit your own personal sense of style as well as the style of your gathering.

Styles to try

  • without any accessories – this is great for any event that’s super casual, but that you still want to look nice for, like a family birthday party, a backyard barbecue or even just around the house if you’re having company or just plain old want to be comfy!!
  • long necklace – these look really awesome and classy with a maxi dress. They instantly take the look from casual to dressy, and there are so many cute, fancy and chic necklaces that you could have a new one for each occasion! Amazon, btw, has a really large selection of long necklaces that you can check out by clicking HERE.
  • belt – If you’re maxi dress is a little baggier than you like, or if you’re just in the mood to accentuate your waist a little more, you can try adding a belt to your dress. I prefer a thin belt, but you may like the look of a thicker belt or even a sash.
  • denim jacket or vest – this changes up the look of a dress significantly, which can be nice, especially if you’re wearing it to multiple events. It’s also a classy way of making your outfit warmer for the cold season or a rainy day. It’s also easy to slip on and off if the temperature is inconsistent. Amazon sells denim jackets and vests as well!
  • cardigan – this has much the same effect as a denim jacket, but it’s a softer look.
  • shoes – sandals, heels or boots, they all have the potential to be super cute with your maxi dresses. Wear what you love, but try switching it up for different occasions to get a few different looks out of the same dress.

If you’re ever hurting for inspiration, hit up my bff (a.k.a. Pinterest), she’ll have some great ideas for sure! 🙂

Less is More

However you chose to dress up your outfit, remember not to get overly gaudy. Pick one or two accessories that you really love and that are fitting to the style you want. Don’t over do it. We’ve all seen people who did not know or else apply this beautiful truth (that “less is more”) in their outfit, makeup or decorating decisions…and we all regretted it for them. 😉 So don’t be one of those people!!

You are working as a team…with yourself.

The way you do your hair is going to play a big role in the style you portray while wearing your maxi dress. Of course wear your hair the way you like it, but also be willing to experiment with some different styles to see what is the most flattering look for you and your dress.

Think of it like this. Every piece of your outfit: your clothes, shoes, hair, makeup and your attitude ( 😉 ) are working as a team. You have to realize that while although you may have favorites in each of these separate categories, this does not automatically mean that you throw them all together and “voila!” you have a masterpiece!!

No, more likely you should have one piece of your outfit that everything else is centered around. If you want to show off the dress, then do just that! Don’t accessorize except for perhaps a pretty pair of stud earrings. Keep your shoes simple and don’t put on dramatic makeup or make this the day to try out a new and wild hair style!

Do not work against yourself. If it’s about the shoes, make it about the shoes. If it’s about the new lipstick, than make it about the lipstick. If it’s about the necklace, then wear a solid color, so that the necklace can be seen. Don’t let there be any fighting over center stage!

Where to get maxi dresses and their accessories?

You can shop at any clothing store with women’s clothing, and probably come up with most of these accessories or even the dresses themselves. You can also shop online for maxi dresses and accessories, and frequently you’ll find much better deals than you can in-store. Below are just a few of the possibilities of what you could wear with your maxi dress. You can check them out below, and browse around for other accessories on Amazon while you’re there 🙂


If you have any questions or want some more ideas for your maxi dress styling, drop a comment below 🙂


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